Expert Cautions Why You Shouldn’t Sit With Your Legs Crossed

We may not have noticed because of the comfort, but sitting crossed legs can have hidden consequences. Researchers from two South Korean universities concluded that sitting crossed legs can cause blood flow restriction, misalignment of the spine and shoulders.

Effect On Pelvis & Lower Back

While we know what effects walking has on our overall body posture and brain, very little is known about the effects sitting can have on our bodies. Researchers suggested that sitting crossed legs can have adverse long term effects on muscle lengths and neck bones. Sitting crossed legs can also disturb the head positioning as our spine tries to balance the center of gravity.

Trochanteric Pain Syndrome

Previous research has suggested that crossed leg sitting is worse at the knees as compared to ankles. It is also linked to GTPS, Trochanteric Pain Syndrome, a painful condition where an individual feels intense pain along the outer sides of hips.

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