Tesla Fan Creating CyberRoadster From Roadster & Cybertruck

David Andreyev, a youtuber known for his obsession with the Tesla electric vehicles, is set to come up with his own customized version of Tesla Roadster and Cybertruck. David, “Cyber Hooligan” on YouTube, is taking the Tesla vehicles to another level by mashing up both the vehicles and creating a CyberRoadster.

Work In Progress

David’s videos on Youtube show an immense restructuring of Tesla cars, something he loves working on. Just this year, David transformed the 2014 Toyota Prius into a Cybertruck, which he said will help in continuing his CyberRoadster project. The work is currently underway for his CyberRoadster and he has already stripped the Model 3 down to its nuts and bolts, without touching the engine and battery yet.

David Is Using Tesla Parts

The interesting part of this innovative project is that David is using Tesla parts to build the CyberRoadster. He is not installing anything external into the new project, as the bumper and the rear bumper of CuberRoadster is from the decade old Model S version. The Cybertruck and Roadster mash up will surely take people by surprise once the project is completed this year or next. 

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