Scientific Study Proposes New Way To Reverse Aging

A scientific study has proposed an advance way to reverse the aging process. Scientists from Xiamen University of China discovered a new way to deal with Menin, a hypothalamic protein, that is responsible for regulating aging and cognitive decline. 

Mice Experiment Was A Success

The experiment was a success when 20 month old mice were injected with the Menin gene to see if it could delay the aging process of the subject. The scientists speculated that the decline in the Menin gene causes aging, as was evident from the positive effects it expressed in the experiment. After a month of experimentation, the mice showed increased bone density, better cognition and enhanced learning, the scientists said.

What About Humans?

Although the experiment has only been conducted on mice, scientists are figuring out ways to do that. Professor Dr. Santosh Kesari, director of Neuro-oncology, expressed optimism that because the biological makeup of both the mice and humans is the same, concluding that it can be done to the humans.

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