Israeli Protests Against Judicial Reforms Enter Its 11th Week

The Israeli protests against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s judicial reforms have entered its 11th week as the government shows no signs of compromise. The judicial reforms have forced tens of thousands of Israelis to march against the unjust judicial reforms put forward by Netanyahu’s government. 

Netanyahu Facing Corruption Charges

The protestors that took to the streets demand the government to reverse the judicial reforms otherwise Israel will cease to be a democracy. Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu is facing corruption charges and the opposition accuses him of using the reforms to cover up. The protestors on the streets are charged up, claiming that the judicial reforms will turn Israel to a dictatorship.

What Are The Judicial Reforms?

In January, Netanyahu’s government proposed a series of changes to the judicial system aimed at balancing the power between the executive and the judiciary. The changes include decreasing the judiciary’s influence over lawmaking by limiting the Supreme Court’s power to exercise veto. According to the reforms, the Knesset will have more power to overrule Supreme Court’s decisions and its judicial review of governmental decisions. 

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