UK To Ban TikTok On Government Devices Citing Security

In a series of TikTok bans across Europe, Canada, and the US, the UK is set to ban TikTok citing security concerns. The Chinese-owned app has come under scrutiny in 2023 in multiple countries that accuse the platform of leaking sensitive data to the Chinese government. British Minister Oliver Dowden said government devices will not be able to access the video-sharing platform. 

Cyber Hygiene

Mr. Dowden in his statement in the parliament said that banning TikTok is “Cyber Hygiene” and is in line with what the EU, US, & Canada did. The platform is accused of spreading pro-China views to millions of users across the West. TikTok denied the fact that it shares data with the Chinese government and said it is ready to confront to prove it. 

Ban Applies To Government Devices

The minister said that the ban will only apply to government devices and it will not extend to non-governmental devices. The TikTok ban is expected to come into effect immediately on Thursday without any delay.

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