Google Integrates New AI Features Into Gmail And Docs

Google has already integrated enough AI technology and machine learning into its products, allowing them to dominate the market. Google has announced that it’ll integrate more AI features into its workspace applications. Now Google is trying to integrate more AI technology into Gmail, Slides, Docs, Meet, and Chat.

Adding Visual Elements

Google is set to add visual features into its workspace cloud. It’ll automatically come up with visual suggestions like images, videos, to slide presentations. Apart from the visual aspects, the new features will include email content, content correction, analyzing raw information in sheets, and much more. It’ll take at least one year to fully incorporate the AI features.

AI-Powered Writing Features

Here is the interesting part, the new features will include AI-powered writing assistance tools in Docs and Gmail. These new features will help both beginners and expert writers by suggesting prior writing ideas. Google has integrated artificial intelligence (AI) abilities to assist users in rephrasing their draft texts to obtain the desired tone and style.

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