US Will Destroy Taiwan Chip Factories, Trump Official Says

An official from the previous Trump administration said that the US will destroy all the chip factories if China ever intended to attack and seize Taiwan. Robert O’Brien, a National Security Advisor to Ex-President Donald Trump said that the US and western allies will not allow Taiwan’s semiconductor factories to fall into the hands of China. 

World’s Largest Chipmaker

Taiwan is currently “the world’s largest chipmaker”, making up an estimated 90% of the global semiconductor market. The Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, holding over 56% of the global market share, develops chips that are used in almost every electronic device in the world. 

New OPEC Of Silicon Chips

The former National Security Advisor said the US would not let China control all of Taiwan’s sophisticated semiconductor industry. If those factories fell into the hands of China, it would make it ” the new OPEC of silicon chips,” O’Brien said.

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