NASA And Axiom Reveal New Spacesuit For Moon Mission

NASA and Axiom revealed their new spacesuit for the Artemis III moon mission. The Artemis III mission is a moon landing mission that will put humans on the moon’s surface in 2025. The new spacesuits are designed to be more flexible and mobile than the traditional Apollo suits.

Much Easier To Walk In

According to Russell Ralston, the Axiom Space EVA Deputy Program Manager, the new spacesuits are easier to walk in. The spacesuits are designed to perform all the functions of the previous Apollo suits, but “in a little bit easier way,” he said. NASA’s next-generation spacesuits have improved visibility, much better than the previous versions. 

Moonwalking Boots

The new program specially focused on the boots, making them feel more comfortable and easier for moonwalking. The new spacesuits are being regularly tested at the Johnson Space Center’s Neutral Buoyancy Lab in Houston. The space center has a 40 feet deep pole the mimics the lunar landscape.

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