Paris To Collect 5,600 Tonnes Of Waste After Protests

Workers including bin workers took to the street of Paris to reject President Macron after he raised the legal age of retirement by two years. The streets of Paris are filled with tonnes of garbage attracting rats and cockroaches, according to a resident that spoke to French radio. 

5,600 Tonnes Of Waste

The residents of Paris are worried as waste on streets may increase the rat population and diseases. According to Paris officials, 5,600 tonnes of garbage is yet to be collected from the streets. Paris bin workers will meet on Wednesday to devise a policy on whether to continue working collecting waste or shut down until the government reverses its policy. 

Senate Approved The Plan

Amid serious opposition from the protestors, the French senate approved the controversial pension reform plan on Sunday. The bill will be reviewed by a joint committee of lower and upper house legislators on Wednesday. The outcome remains uncertain because Macron still lacks a majority in the National Assembly.

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