North Korea Threatens War If US Shots Down Its Missile

North Korea has openly threatened the US with Consequences If the latter intercepted any of its missiles. North Korea has been regularly testing its long-range missile prompting condemnation from the US and its allies. Kim jong’s sister Kim Yo Jong said in her statement that shooting down its rockets would be a declaration of war.

North Korea’s Firing Range

North Korea has tested a dozen of missiles in the last year alone, which has been severely criticized by South Korea and Japan. Some of the missiles flew over Japan forcing it to double its defense budget. Some South Korean analysts believe that if North Korea didn’t stop using the pacific ocean as its “firing range”, it could deteriorate the security situation further.

North Korea’s Leader Kim jong’s Sister Kim Yo Jong

An All Out War

The US and its allies have never shot down any North Korean missile in the past, but doing so can have consequences. The statement of the sister of North Korea’s head Kim Jong Un has also hinted at more missile tests which are concerning for the US and its allies. The question is “how to stop North Korea without risking an open conflict?”.

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