NASA’s Rover Captures Splendid Sunset On Mars

Nasa’s Curiosity rover captured an image of sunset on Mars. The splendid photo of the Martian sunset showed rays illuminating the group of clouds. The phenomenon of merging sun rays with the bank of clouds is known as crepuscular rays.

Sun Rays Shining Through Clouds At Sunset

First Time

Curiosity, for the first time, was able to take such a clear image of sunset on the “red planet”. According to NASA’s official website, the cloud appeared to be no less than 37 miles above the planet’s surface. The clouds shown in Curiosity’s photo were made up of carbon dioxide and ice, according to the space agency.

Curiosity’s Mission

The Curiosity rover was launched by NASA back in 2011, and since then it has captured stunning images of the red planet’s atmosphere. The objective of Curiosity is to investigate whether microbial life ever existed on Mars.

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