TikTok Limiting Time For Under 18 Users

The video-sharing platform is set to limit its screen time for users who are under 18. The users will not be able to use TikTok for more than one hour. TikTok said that they are going to implement the new policy to make sure people stay in control while using the app. 

60-Minute Restriction

Underage TikTok users will be reminded to enter a passcode each time they complete 60 minutes. Apart from the screen time, the new rules will also restrict direct messaging for kids under 16. The parents and the guardians of kids will have the option to check their kid’s screen time via the Family Pairing option on TikTok. 

TikTok Is Extremely Addictive

According to TikTok, the restrictions are there to make sure the application doesn’t consume much of kids’ daily time. A 2020 report by Forbes mentioned that TikTok is extremely addictive. “It is the crack cocaine of algorithms,” head of Center for Countering Digital Hate, Imran Ahmed said.

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