Germany Governement Announces Feminist Foreign Policy

Germany’s government announced new foreign policy objectives based on feminist guidelines. Germany’s left-wing government introduced its new foreign policy agenda on the principles of feminism and equal representation of both genders. German Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock along with Development Minister Svenja Schulze presented the new foreign policy guidelines.

Ambassador For Feminist FP

The government foreign minister announced that the government will create a new role for feminist foreign policy ambassadors. The new foreign policy objectives will make sure that the country allows more female participation and decrease gender disparity worldwide. Such free society initiatives have already been adopted in other European countries such as France, Canada, and Spain.

Gender-Based Funds

The new guidelines also included equitable resource allocation for gender equality. About 8% out of the total 12 billion euros of development funds will be spent on projects that focus on gender equality and reducing the gender gap. 

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