Andean Bear Escaped From Saint Louis Zoo

An Andean bear escaped from Saint Louis zoo in Missouri, for the second time this month. An Andean Bear named Ben escaped to talk a walk outside and was then forced to return to his habitat later on. Ben escaped on 7 February after which the zoo officials implemented extra security measures which couldn’t stop the young bear from escaping either. 

Ben Wanted To Chill

The adventurous bear escaped steel cargo clips that were placed after he escaped the zoo for the first time. Authorities were shocked to witness the Andean bear roaming outside after which they had to shut down the zoo temporarily. Ben was relocated back to his habitat within 50 minutes unlike his previous escape when he roamed for 2 hours.

Darted With Tranquilizer

The “Adventurous” Ben was relocated back to his place after he was Darted With Tranquilizer. Although the zoo was reopened, the authorities were much concerned and looking for alternative ways to secure the animal.

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