Study Discovers Link Between Obesity And Alzheimers

New research has uncovered a correlation between obesity and Alzheimer’s disease. Researchers from the Canadian university of McGill found out that obesity degenerates the brain the same as Alzheimer’s disease. Scientists scanned and compared the brains of 1,300 people showing the same level of shrinkage. 

Similar Brain Thinning

After carefully examining the brain scans of the participants, scientists were able to find similar brain thinning of the brain in both groups. The areas of the brain that degenerated were responsible for memory, learning, and judgment. Some previous research studies have also found that obesity is responsible for the accumulation of toxic proteins, that can damage the brain.

Thickness Of Cerebral Cortex

According to the study’s first author, Filip Morys, obesity may also hamper and thickens the cerebral cortex of the brain causing severe speech, perception, and memory problems. Losing weight and regular exercise can reverse the effects of neurodegeneration and dementia, according to Morys.

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