NATO Is Forcing US Into WW3, US Congressman Says

The US congressman, Paul Gosar said on his Twitter account that NATO is pushing the US into World War 3. While retweeting a tweet from NATO’s official Twitter account, Gosar said that the US is being dragged into someone else’s war, referring to Ukraine. NATO tweeted a photo of Ukrainian soldiers and compared them to fictional figures including Harry Potter and Marvel superheroes.

NATO’s Tweet Criticised

The Northern Atlantic Treaty Organization’s tweet was severely criticized by people for being cringy and childish. One comment said that this tweet should be enough to “abolish” NATO. Another US Senator Mike Lee also commented that NATO is making war funny by comparing Ukrainian soldiers to Harry fictional.

It Can Slip Out of Hands

Although the risk of nuclear escalation is low, chances are that it can escalate into conventional large-scale warfare. Russian President Vladimir Putin said that Ukraine’s membership in NATO will start world war 3.

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