Japan Found Mysterious Iron ball On Its Coast

A mysterious iron ball was spotted on Japanese Enshu beach in the city of Hamamatsu. The iron ball left the police and residents shocked as they couldn’t figure out what it really was. The first impression was that it could have been a Chinese or North Korean spy object, but the rumors were dismissed by Japanese authorities. 

A UFO Or Espionage?

The geopolitical situation compelled the Japanese authorities and people to suspect that the mysterious call could be a Chinese surveillance object. The rumors were dismissed after an investigation which revealed that the object was hollow from the inside and had nothing threatening. Others on social media speculated that the iron ball could be a UFO that had fallen from the sky.

Investigation Is Underway

The authorities cordoned off the area after the residents called the police in the morning. Although the restrictions were lifted, the investigation could not yet yield any explanation to clarify what the object was. Some residents believed that the iron ball has been there on the beach for over a month.

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