UN Chief Said ‘AI’ Is A Threat To Human Rights 

The United Nations Chief of human rights said that Artificial intelligence poses a grave threat to human rights. Volker Turk, the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights mentioned that the recent advancements in AI posed a great danger to human rights if not controlled or prevented. 

AI Can Escalate Military Conflicts

The UN rights chief said that AI has the capability to escalate military conflicts around the world. Drones and other advanced AI tools can kill and create misinformation without human intervention, which is a serious threat to “Human agency, human dignity, and all human rights,” he said. Volker Turk also called upon businesses and governments to draw a red line to ensure AI doesn’t exceed its limit.


People highly criticized the Twitter post by the UN Human Rights. Some accused the organization of double standards by remaining silent on other human rights violations around the world. Another comment mentioned that AI knows everything about human rights and said “it (Chatgpt) stood steadfast in prioritizing the rights of people”.

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