Israeli Delegation Expelled Out From African Summit

An Israeli observer diplomate was told to leave the African Union summit currently held in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. The incident has left Israeli officials concerned about the intentions of the African Union. Israeli Foreign Ministry blamed Algeria and South Africa for what happened. Those told to leave included the Deputy Director for Africa at the Foreign Ministry, Sharon Barley, and some other members of the Israeli delegation.

Controlled By Iran

The unfortunate incident came as a surprise to Israel and called upon the African countries “to stand against these actions”. Israel blamed Algeria and South Africa for spreading hatred and prejudice. It also blamed both countries for being controlled by Israel’s arch-rival Iran.

What Is African Union

The African Union is a collective pan-African organization of 55 countries. The focus is to defend African interests, and achieve greater unity and peace, and security in the African continent. The participation of Israel as an observer state caused deep concerns within the organization. 

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