South Africa Joins Naval Exercises With Russia & China

South Africa, Russia, and China are holding joint naval exercises off the coast of South Africa. The 10-day military drills were criticized by the US as it shows indirect support to US rivals. Russia sent one of its best ships, Admiral Gorshkov, equipped with Zircon hypersonic missiles. 

Russia Pretending Strong

Russia intended to win its war against Ukraine without having to use its main force but so far Moscow had received intense resistance. Since day one, Russia has tried to look as powerful as it was before the war. Conducting military drills amid setbacks in Ukraine is to show the world that “its armed forces are still very powerful”, Denys Reva, A security analyst from South Africa said.

South Africa Didn’t Condemn Russia

Russia has been isolated on the world stage, and any country dealing with Russia breaks international law, according to the US perception. In 2022, South Africa among other African nations abstained from condemning Russia in the Security Council. Unlike US and Europe, South Africa also refused to impose sanctions on Russia.

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