Nurse During Hangover Killed Patients To Take A Nap

A male nurse has confessed to killing two elderly people during a hangover just to make them quiet. One patient was 80 and the other one had 89 years of age. Mario G, the nurse, said sorry to the court and confessed to killing two patients because he just wanted to keep them calm, so that he could enjoy the rest of the time. The deaths took place at a hospital in Munich, Germany.

In Germany, Such cases Have Happened Before too. In 2015, Niels Högel Was Sentenced To Life Prison Because He Killed 86 People Between 2000 to 2005.

Alcohol Before The Shift

He also mentioned that he would usually get drunk before he would go to the hospital. He would spend $160 a day on alcohol, he said to the court. Mario said that he would “put half a bottle of perfume” after 30 shots of Jägermeister plus beers before leaving for the hospital. 

Mario Wasn’t Qualified Either

Mario pretended like a health care nurse despite having no knowledge of the subject. He enjoyed giving patients a dangerous cocktail of lethal combinations  and seeing its effects on them. He has been in custody since 2022 but the investigation could not make a link between him and the deaths.

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