Massive Earthquakes Kill 1,900 In Turkey And Syria

Two massive earthquakes have shocked Turkey and Syria. The death toll has reached 1800 and is still rising. The powerful earthquake struck south-eastern Turkey and northern Syria causing severe infrastructure damage. The first 7.8 magnitude earthquake struck at 04:17 local time at a depth of 17.9km and the second one at 13:24 local time.

1800 Dead & Rising

The earthquakes have killed 780 people in the already war torn region of Syria. According to Seismologists, the earthquake in Turkey is the largest ever recorded as hundreds of buildings have already collapsed. Buildings that survived in the first quack, were raised to the ground when the second one hit. Turkey recorded 1100 deaths and Syria recorded 800 deaths alone.

Help Is On The Way

World leaders have offered their condolences including the US, France, Russia, US. Britain is set to send 76 search and rescue specialists and France, Germany, US, Israel have also expressed grief over the loss of thousands of lives. The Russian President Putin pledged to send rescue teams in a phone call with the Syrian president.

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