Research Shows Science Behind Cravings For Junk Food

The latest scientific research has revealed the logic behind junk food cravings. It explains how high flavourful foods encourage more calorie consumption. The research was published in the Nature journal. Research from the same institute mentioned that people consuming ultra-processed diets tended to eat 500 extra calories.

Protein Encouraged Over-Eating

The interesting thing the researchers were able to notice was that protein which usually gives a feeling of fullness didn’t have any effect either. On the contrary it seemed to make people eat even more. The research concluded that highly processed foods artificially encouraged cravings by combining fat, sugar, and salt. Such elements are often found in foods such as ice cream, crackers, potato chips, cake etc.

Other Factors

Researchers also noted other factors which contributed to junk food cravings. Other factors included the speed with which the participants ate and also caloric density of different foods.

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