Chinese Spy Balloon Flying Over US For Days

An alleged spy balloon has been in the air for the last few days. The balloon has been flying over sensitive locations such as nuclear sites and military installations. Defence officials said that the suspected airborne device “surely” belongs to China and is using it for surveillance.

Object Is Being Tracked

US and Canadian governments have been tracking the spy balloon. The spy object flew over Alaska’s Aleutian Islands and was later spotted in Billings in Montana two days ago. Montana is home to one of the three nuclear sites in the country and the spy object could be collecting information about these sites. On the other hand, the Chinese foreign ministry has said to avoid “speculation and hype” as they are trying to verify.

Shooting It Down Could Be Harmful

The moment the spy balloon was detected over the US, the military decided to act and shoot it down. But Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, General Milley, and the commander of NORTHCOM, General VanHerck advised not to take any action as it could pose a threat to civilian population.

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