Air Pollution Can Change Brain Structure In Just 2 Hours

A research study revealed that air pollution, especially car fumes can significantly change brain structure. An exposure of just 2 hours can reduce the portion of the brain responsible for internal thought processes and memory, the study finds. Brain imaging was conducted prior and the exposure to air pollution showed decreased brain connectivity, as seen in the scans taken after.

Study Is Important For Several Reasons

This study was conducted by researchers from the University of British Columbia (UBC) and the University of Victoria. No such study has been conducted in the past as researchers and scientists thought that air pollution could do little damage to the brain. Previously held beliefs about air pollution were thought to be only harmful to the lungs. 

Pollution and Cognition, The Relationship

The study provides the latest evidence “supporting a connection between air pollution and cognition,” respiratory physician, Chris Carlsten from University of British Columbia, said. A study conducted in Mexico City in 2020 showed signs of Alzheimer’s disease in children and even infants, researchers then claimed that the results were connected to severe air pollution in the city.

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