US Military Raid Kills Key IS Leader In Somalia

A US military operation has eliminated a key IS leader in northern Somalia. A military raid was carried out after the approval of the US president Joe Biden. The IS leader Bilal Al-Sudani was responsible for supporting the terrorist network in northern Africa and Afghanistan, according to the military experts.

Key Facilitator

The military operation was carried out after its approval a few days back when it was presented to the US president. Bilal Al-Sudani, according to Defence Secretary Lloyd Austin, was a key facilitator of the Islamic State terrorist organization. Al-Sudani had fingerprints all over the African region and Afghanistan, for his alleged role in financing terrorist activities across multiple countries.

10 Others Killed In Operation

The US officials did not disclose any further information regarding the operation. They only confirmed that 10 other associates of Al-Sudani were killed while only one US soldier was injured in the operation, and he too was bitten by the US service dog.

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