120,000 Years Old City Discovered Beneath The Ocean

The Lost City Hydrothermal Field, located over 700 meters deep in the ocean, was discovered by scientists in 2000. The underwater city produces hydrogen, methane, and other gasses through the reaction of seawater with the up-thrusting mantle. Additionally, it fosters distinctive microbial populations that can survive without oxygen.

120,000 Years Old

The lost city stands at 60 meters tall and is around 120,000 years old, according to scientists. Despite the harsh temperatures of over 40 °C, the lost city is still home to multiple forms of life, like crabs, shrimp, sea urchins. The hydrocarbons produced in and around the city are not due to carbon dioxide or sunlight but resulted from the chemical reactions that take place deep inside the sea. 

Testament Of Ancient Life

Poland was given the right to extract precious resources from the deep sea surrounding the Lost City, located in the North Atlantic. However, mining of the field could not yield valuable resources, but it could have negative implications on the area and its delicate ecosystem. Some experts called to preserve the city as a heritage site.

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