Study Says UV Nail Dryers Are Linked To Cancer

A new study recently published has revealed that Gel nail polish machines are linked to cell mutations and DNA damage. The study mentioned that regular use of UV nail dryers can have serious consequences to health in the long run.

DNA Mutations

Scientists from the University of California and Pittsburgh performed several experiments on mouse cell lines and noted that the UVA light caused severe mutations in the DNA structures. In the first testing group, around 30% of cells died in the two 20 minute sessions. In the second group of cells, 70% of cells died when exposed to the dryer. The second session went on for 3 consecutive days.

The mutations Are Irreversible

Most of the mutation and the DNA damage incurred by the UV nail polish dryers was irreversible. The damage increases each time when skin is exposed to the light, Ludmil Alexandrov, a professor of bioengineering said. The light 

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