Massive Protests In France Against Pension Plan

Over a million people are on streets in France against President Macron’s plans to increase pension age raise. The pension age has been raised by the government by two years to 64. The latest development is being seriously opposed by the general public that includes people from all walks of life.

Protests In 200 Cities

Massive demonstrations are held in 200 major French cities. Philippe Martinez, the head of a Union puts the total numbers more than 2 million while the French government contradicts the total number of protestors to around 1.12 million. The protests have severely disrupted public transport while only one out of ten rail services are operating. 65% of teachers took to the streets to join the mass mobilization.

68% of Population Against The Reform

The latest reforms were announced by the government on Tuesday 10 January. Opinion polls conducted among the French citizens showed 68% of the respondents were against the increase in pension age while only 32% were in favor.

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