World Oldest Person Dies At 118

Lucile Randon, a French nun has died at the age of 118. She was the oldest known human to live on earth. Born in 1904, she witnessed two of the world’s most devastating wars, the first world war & the second world war. David Tavella, her nursing spokesman revealed the news of her death on Tuesday.

Oldest Covid Survivor

Lucile Randon assumed the name “Sister André” when became a nun for the first time in 1944. She was also the world’s oldest Covid survivor on the planet when she contacted it in 2021 when she was 116 years old. She died in her sleep, according to her nursing spokesman.

Guinness World Record

Guinness World Records officially announced that Sister André, 118, was the oldest person alive in April 2022. She was named the oldest person when Kane Tanaka from Japan died at the age of 118.

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