China COVID Cases Reaches To 900 Million

The latest covid outbreak in the country has brought utter misery and chaos to millions of people. The latest study from the University of Peking has found astonishing figures as it claims that covid cases in China have dramatically surged to 900 million. The figures are expected to touch a jaw-dropping 1 billion mark by the end of April.

64% of Population Is Infected

Research university based in Beijing has estimated that 64% of the country’s population is infected with viruses. The numbers are so shocking that the Chinese authorities are accused of underreporting the casualties, by the World Health Organization last month. Global health experts have warned of at least a million deaths in 2023.

Hospitals Overcrowded

Hospitals in China are Overcrowded as more and more infected patients are continuously being admitted to health facilities across the country. 91% of the population is infected in the Gansu province and Henan province has 90% of its population infected.

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