Iran Set to Execute Ex-Deputy Minister for Spying

Amid the ongoing protests for months, Iranian authorities have sentenced multiple individuals for showing solidarity with the protestors. Iran has recently announced another death sentence for its former minister for being a British spy. Alireza Akbari will be put to death shortly after his last meeting with his family members. 

Iranian-British National

Alireza Akbari is a dual British-Iranian national and has been very close to some very important figures in the Iranian government. Akbari had provided sensitive information to the British intelligence services by having “access to some very sensitive centres,” the Iranian Intelligence ministry said. Akbari served as Deputy Defence Minister from 1997 to 2005.

UK Condemns

Meanwhile the British officials have called upon the Iranian regime to release Akbari immediately. James Cleverly, the British foreign minister wrote on twitter, “This is a politically motivated act by a barbaric regime (of Iran)”.

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