England To Try “Artificial Pancreas” Technology To Control Diabetes

England’s NHS is set to bring new technology to the scene to treat those who are having trouble controlling their type 1 diabetes. More than 100,000 people with type 1 diabetes in England and Wales may soon get access to “artificial pancreas” to help them stabilize type 1 diabetes. 

 Best Way To Control Diabetes

The new method uses an algorithm to analyze the amount of insulin that the body requires. The insulin is provided automatically using a glucose sensor beneath the skin and a pump. It is so far “the best way to control diabetes,” some health experts mentioned. 

Mimicking A Pancreas

People with diabetes must constantly monitor their blood glucose levels and stabilize their insulin levels with shots or an insulin pump. The latest technology to be offered to the public does the same and the patient can go off and live a normal life without having to check high and low glucose levels.

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