US Releases Top Cuba Spy After 20 Years

The US Bureau of Prisons said Friday that they have released one of the most high-profile spies ever found to have worked for Cuba. Ana Montes was released after spending 20 years in a US prison. Montes was sentenced to 25 years in prison after leaking information about US spies to Cuba.

Defence Intelligence Agency’s Analyst

While using her leading position at the Defence Intelligence Agency, Montes worked to disclose sensitive information to the neighbouring island, including the identities of certain US intelligence spies. She was arrested on 21st of September 2001, right before NATO invaded Afghanistan. The Cubans were believed to have known “virtually everything” about what the US government is doing in Cuba, Michelle Van Cleave, Former head of Counter-Intelligence told congress in 2012.

Ideological Inspirations

She was recruited to the Cuban intelligence services back in 1984 at a dinner in New York City. She willingly joined the intelligence without any personal ambitions.  “I felt morally obligated to help the island defend itself,” she said one year after her arrest. 

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