Russian Hackers Hit 3 US Nuclear Research Labs

The Russian Hacking team has attempted to hit 3 US nuclear research laboratories. The hacking group is known as Cold River and according to US cybersecurity experts, they targeted US research laboratories back in summer last year. Cold river targeted Brookhaven (BNL), Lawrence Livermore national laboratories (LLNL) and Argonne (ANL).

Putin’s War Against Ukraine

According to the experts, Amid Putin’s threats of using nuclear weapons last year, the team of hackers tried to infiltrate inside the US nuclear research labs. Cold river would create fake login pages for each lab and then ask the nuclear scientists to reveal sensitive information via emails. 

Stepping Up The Hacking Game

Cold river has intensified its campaign against the western allies that are helping Ukrainian resistance. In 2016, the team managed to hack Britain’s Foreign Office. The group has been involved in directly supporting “Kremlin information operations,” Adam Meyer, Senior vice president at one of US cybersecurity firms said.

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