Taiwanese Military Device Ends Up In China For Repair

China has constantly been threatening Taiwan, the self-ruled island 180 km east of China. The United States has also significantly increased its military help to help Taiwan defend itself from Chinese aggression. But the recent report of China repairing the Taiwanese military device has become a matter of concern. The missile was specifically developed to deter military aggression by China.

“Carrier Killer” Missile

Taiwan’s national security institute developed an anti-ship missile known as Hsiung-Feng III. The weapon was nicknamed “Carrier Killer” because of its 400 km range and supersonic speed. It has been reported the precision optical instrument, theodolites were developed by a Swiss firm Leica Geosystems based in Switzerland. The Swiss firm sent it to a maintenance center in Qingdao, a Chinese city.

The Device May Have Leaked Information

It is suspected that the device may have leaked information to the Chinese military. The matter is of serious concern as China can take aggressive measures at any time to take the island. Dr. Su Tzu-yun from Dr. Su Tzu-yun has said that Taiwan had run all the security checks before sending the device to Europe.

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