Former Pope Benedict XVI Passes Away At 95

Pope Francis, a few days back, had said that the former pope Benedict XVI was “very sick” and asked people to pray for him. The Former pope Benedict XVI Passed away today on 31st of December. The burial will be performed by his successor, Pope Francis, on January 5.

First To Resign Since 1415

Pope Benedict XVI was the first pope to resign since Gregory XII who resigned in 1415, putting an end to Western Schism. He resigned as pope in 2013 because of his “advanced age,” according to him. Former Pope’s health was constantly deteriorating for the past few days. He promised to stay out of sight from the world but still managed to talk about religious issues.

World Leaders Sent Condolences

Various European leaders expressed their grief over the death of Pope Benedict. British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak said the former pope was “a great theologian”. According to the French President, the former pope “worked with soul and intelligence”. 

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