Chinese Aircraft Carrier Sails Close To US Military Base

Chinese Naval ships were seen sailing close to the United States’ territory of Guam. The People’s Liberation Army naval aircraft carrier sailed close to the United States’ Island. Guam has strategic U.S. naval and air force bases in the Pacific Ocean.  

China’s Warning To The US?

China’s aircraft carrier Liaoning’s visit to US military bases in Guam is not a surprise for a number of reasons. China, for the past few years, has been threatening Taiwan and its western allies claiming the island as its own territory. The recent naval drill is a message to the United States for its uninterrupted military aid to Taiwan. China is warning its rival, the United States, that the PLA is prepared to respond if the United States continues to intervene in its relations with Taiwan.

Guam Is Ready To Respond

Guam, a frontline US island in the Pacific, would serve as a staging area in the event of an Indo-Pacific battle between the US and China. The U.S. Air Force and Navy installations occupy some 29 percent of the island’s total land area.

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