Israel Plans Possible Attack On Iranian Nuclear Sites

Israel has been facing an alarming security threat to its existence since Iran’s nuclear agreement in 2015. While criticizing the deal, Israel has made veiled threats to target Iran’s critical infrastructure. Recently, Israeli Defence Minister, Benny Gantz said that Israel could attack Iran’s nuclear sites in the coming two or three years.

Traversing The Skies

The defense minister has explicitly claimed that its Air Force will hit Iran’s nuclear infrastructure in the coming two to three years. While talking to Air Force graduates, he hinted that a possible aerial invasion could be carried out against its staunch rival. He mentioned that Israeli Air Force jets will cross the skies in the east, “taking part in an attack on Iran’s nuclear facilities”.

Iran Claims Pacifism

Iran, on the other hand, says its nuclear program is peaceful and it doesn’t intend to threaten anyone. Israel and some other Arab states consider that Iran’s nuclear capability will put the region at risk.

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