Belgian NGO Is Recycling Hair To Protect Environment

An NGO based in Belgium is ahead of the game giving a sustainable solution to a problem. The Hair Recycle Project recycles hair making it reusable instead of throwing it away into dustbins. The project is led by Belgian non-profit “Dung Dung”.

How Does It Work?

Clippings are gathered from salons all around the country for the “Hair Recycle Project”. Then, a machine that produces squares of matted hair is fed the hair. These can be used to absorb hydrocarbons that pollute the environment, such as oil and other chemicals. The hydrocarbon when mixed with water can pollute the waterways. The hair can also be turned into bio-composite bags. 

Bags Containing Human Hair To Be Collected

Profiting The Waste

Our world is changing drastically as humans are evolving to realize the negative effects of environmental degradation. This is one of the points that motivated Patrick Janssen, the co-founder of the project. He is literally converting waste into profitable business. Hair salon owners are more willing to pay a certain amount to the project, to collect their hair cuttings.

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