Why KFC Became Key Part Of Christmas In Japan

KFC has become a part of Culture for the Japanese in the last few decades. It has become “compulsory” to have KFC chicken at Christmas dinner. And over that, it’s fascinating to see that very tiny population of Japan are Christians. It is not as simple to understand because it has something to do with the trends that took off in the second half of the twentieth century.

A Profitable Lie By Corporate America

Japan started to liberalize its markets and society in the 1960. The process gradually came to its end in the late 70’s. This time was marked by extreme industrialization and at the same time Western and American culture carried its influence far over continents. This tradition of having KFC on Christmas started in the 70’s when the first manager of KFC’s Japanese branch, Takeshi Okawara, falsely portrayed the KFC as an American traditional food.

Fried Chicken Filled The Void

It changed everything for the Japanese when the KFC kicked in. Japan had no Christmas tradition, but KFC came in and “filled a void,” according to an associate professor of marketing, Joonas Rokka.

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