NASA Warns Of 400 Feet Asteroid Heading Towards Earth

Asteroids are normal as our earth moves around in space. The moment an asteroid comes in contact with earth’s atmosphere, it tends to melt away, due to friction. But NASA has claimed to have detected an asteroid heading towards earth on Christmas day. As you read, an asteroid is advancing towards earth with the speed of 25,028 km/h.

NASA’s Dart Crashed Into An Asteroid Becoming First “Planetary Defence Test”

Worth Worrying About?

Asteroids on impact can have disastrous consequences as it can lead to extinction of life. The asteroid 2022 TE14 will fly past our planet at an incredibly close range of 2.6 million miles. But there’s nothing to worry about because NASA is constantly monitoring our skies to make sure no object threatens our life to an extent of extinction. NASA has its own ways of dealing with outer space objects.

NASA’s Planetary Defence

Just like countries have militaries to defend themselves with, NASA has its own defence system. The purpose is to find, track and destroy or deflect the Near-Earth-Objects (NEO).

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