Musk Removes Suicide Prevention Feature From Twitter

Twitter has deleted a feature that has been showing suicide prevention hotlines and other safety options to users searching on the platform. It has caused some to worry about the vulnerable users on twitter. However, according to Musk, since he took charge in October, the number of damaging content impressions or views has decreased.

The #ThereIsHelp Feature Will Be Back Next Week


Twitter used to show the “ThereIsHelp” option in many countries as a special support group to help overcome vulnerable communities. The feature gave sensitive updates about suicide prevention, Mental health, HIV, gender-based violence and freedom of expression. 

Musk Have Not Responded

Elon Musk has not yet responded to the recent changes. “They were just temporarily removed,” Ella Irwin, twitter’s head of trust and safety, wrote in an email to Reuters. The feature will be back in the next week, she said.

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