US: ‘Bomb Cyclone’ Cancels 5,300 Flights Amid Heavy Snow

Extremely cold and icy storms have hit parts of the US and Canada. More than 5,300 flights were cancelled on Thursday, and another 1,000 Friday flights have also been cancelled in the US due to the heavy snow and freezing temperatures.

A Bomb Cyclone

The storm was expected to intensify into what weather experts referred to as a “bomb cyclone” over the Christmas holiday weekend. The term refers to a storm that quickly escalates and sees at least a 24 millibar decrease in central air pressure during the course of 24 hours. The bomb cyclone will unleash heavy, blinding snow from the northern Plains and Great Lakes region, as per the reports.

Frostbite Expected

According to experts, the current exceptionally low temperatures can cause frostbite on bare skin in just five to ten minutes. Frostbite is a skin condition that occurs when parts of skin and the tissues beneath it are exposed to extremely cold temperatures.

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