Scientists Designed New Artificial DNA To Kill Cancer Cells

Researchers at the University of Tokyo in Japan have created a synthetic DNA molecule that resembles a hairpin that can target and destroy cancer cells. The new artificial DNA kills its targeted cancer cells in a new way. The method will reduce the adverse effects of the immune system triggered through previous procedures.

The Entire Process Of Artificial DNA Binding Itself With mRNA

How Does It Work?

The research was published in the Journal of the American Chemical Society by a team of researchers from University of Tokyo. The cancer-killing hairpin DNA or the oHPs creates longer DNA strands whenever they come in contact with micro-RNA, produced in abundance during cancers. Once they join together, they form longer chains of DNA which encourages an immune response, killing the cancer cells.

 Scientists are using AI, DNA sequencing, Precision oncology and other tech to improve treatment and diagnosis of the disease.

Good News For Health Community

Professor Akimitsu Okamoto termed the advancements a “good news” for the health community as the research will pave the way for drug development in future. The new method will also be tested further to avoid any misadventures, he said.

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