Netflix To No Longer Allow Password Sharing In 2023

Password sharing has been the only option for those who don’t want to purchase Netflix or who can’t afford to pay, but that’s about to end as Netflix has planned to curb the non-paying “customers”. According to a latest report which said that Netflix has plans to put a full stop to password sharing using advance technologies.

Mitigating The Losses

Netflix will reportedly start charging extra for shared accounts in 2023, hitting users in the United States very early next year. It couldn’t achieve its desired objective of 2.5 million subscribers. The number of subscribers were 200,000 short and charging the non-paying customers seems to be the only way to grow its revenue. 

Why Is Netflix Finally Getting To This?

It’s as simple as it looks, Netflix just wants to increase its subscribers through this new policy. According to Cowen Inc. based analysts, the policy can generate $721 million extra in revenue in the US and Canada, this year.

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