China Is Likely Facing 5000 Covid Deaths A Day

China is currently facing one of the most severe covid outbreaks in the last four years. With Chinese reports mentioning only a few covid deaths in the last few days, a new report has mentioned that China is probably facing 5000 covid related deaths in a day. The new report has contradicted the Chinese estimates by a huge margin. 

1 Million Covid Cases

According to the report by British scientific information and analytics company Airfinity which provides scientific information and analytics, China is currently experiencing 1 million covid infections, with more than 5000 deaths. Cases of infections may rise to 3.7 million in January and  4.2 million in March, if not managed properly. According to Chinese reports, less than 10 deaths have occurred in the country since the start of december.

China Reversed Covid Policy

China reversed its Zero Covid Policy two weeks ago after public protests in multiple Chinese cities. It seems like the decision to reverse the policy has fired back as the covid cases has increased drastically.

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