Student Jailed 6 Months For Throwing Eggs At King Charles

Patrick Thelwell, 23, was arrested after throwing eggs at King Charles in November. He hurled four eggs at King Charles and Camilla direction before the two were escorted away, all of which missed. Patrick was arrested immediately on the spot by police. The UK based student was jailed for 6 months for the public offense.

6 Months Jail

Patrick Thelwell will be charged by North Yorkshire police with threatening behaviour with the approval of the Crown Prosecution Service or the CPS. He will be charged under section 4 of the Public Order Act 1986 which deals with offenses relating to public order. The law includes every abusive or threatening behaviour committed in a public or a private place.

Previous Egg-Shelling Incidents

Egg throwing incidents are not new to the royal family. In the past, eggs were thrown at the royal car of Queen Elizabeth II. This happened in 2002 when she visited Nottingham. In 1995, protestors threw eggs at King Charles in central Dublin.

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