Messi Moved Via Helicopter As 4 Million Crowd Swarmed His Bus

On Sunday, Argentina defeated France 4-2 to win their third World Cup in an incredible world cup final. The loss brought chaos in the streets of France while the scenes were completely opposite in Argentina. Just recently, Messi was evacuated through a helicopter when a huge crowd of his fans ran into his bus to see their champion.

4 Million On The Streets

The numbers were shocking, four million. Argentina is a crazy football-loving country and it couldn’t have been more delightful not to see their champion who brought the world cup home. The Team gave commanding performances on the largest football platform possible, concluding an epic night of drama, high emotion, and swinging fortunes with one of the all-time great finals. Videos circulating on social media showed overcrowded streets welcoming their team. The roads were blocked due to an “explosion of happiness,” the presidential spokeswoman said.

Vital Distraction

The world cup win has provided the masses with some distraction amid extreme inflation and weakening currency. The players were not even ready to meet government officials fearing not to mix politics with sports amid political uncertainty in the country.

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