Pentagon UFO Report Denies Alien Activity On Earth

The latest report by the Pentagon has denied any alien activity on earth so far. Although the report has yet to answer the most puzzling questions, it has categorically denied any evidence of alien activity on earth. 

The UFO Report

US Senior military leadership claimed on Friday that despite the Pentagon’s increased efforts to look into UFO reports, there is still no proof that aliens had visited Earth or crashed-landed here. No evidence suggests the existence of life “that we have seen are of alien origin,” defence undersecretary for intelligence and security, Ronald Moultrie said. In 2017, the US Department of Defence had Advanced Aviation Threat Identification Program to investigate unidentified flying objects. The programme was annually funded $22 million.

In 2020, Pentagon Released Videos Taken By Navy Pilots

144 UFO Encounters

The Office of the Director of National Intelligence revealed in June 2021 that there had been 144 UFO encounters between 2004 and 2021, 80 of which had been recorded by multiple sensors.

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